Bradford And West Yorkshire Elects Mark Burns-Williamson as Police & Crime Commissioner

The electorate in Bradford and West Yorkshire have voted  Labour’s Candidate Mark Burns-Williamson to be the first Police & Crime Commissioner for the County.

The result was finally announced at 18:30 at the count in Huddersfield, after the second preferences had to be counted as Mark was just shy of the 50% required after the first count.

The result of the first votes was :

Mark Burns-Williamson     Labour     102,817
Cedric Christie                     Indep          49,299
Geraldine Carter                 Tory            45,365
Andrew Marchington         Lib Dem      17,247

The bottom two drop out and the second preferences added for the remaining candidates.

The final result

Mark Burns-Williamson    Labour   114,736
Cedric Christie                    Indep        71,876

Mark will officially take up office on November 22nd.


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Mark Burns-Williamson Is Your Labour Party Candidate For West Yorkshire Police Commissioner

As Chair of West Yorkshire Police Authority for nearly ten years and Chair of the national Association of Police Authorities I have a successful track record in policing at local and national levels.

I am the only candidate standing in West Yorkshire with the proven ability to be a robust advocate for the public and provide the strong leadership our Police need. I will work with all the communities and organisations throughout West Yorkshire to make sure their concerns are included in my policing plan.

Neighbourhood Policing brought in by Labour made a huge difference in tackling crime (reducing it by over 40%), but it’s now under threat because of Tory cuts. I promise neighbourhood policing will continue to form the bedrock of policing throughout West Yorkshire on my watch.

Key pledges:

  • To stand against the £100m in Government cuts to policing set to cost around 2000 police officers and staff in West Yorkshire their jobs
  • Keep Police Officers and PCSOs on the beat, rather than handing police work over to private companies
  • Strong and swift action on antisocial behaviour
  • Be tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime, giving victims a greater voice
  • Preserve the operational independence of the police

At present only a small proportion of the millions of pounds gained from criminals through the Proceeds of Crime Act actually comes back to West Yorkshire Police. If elected I’ll fight for our Police to get 100% of that money.

A new Chief Constable will be needed in West Yorkshire and, if elected, I’ll be A vote for me is a vote for cutting crime, not cutting the police. Please vote Labour on 15th November. To begin the process of making that crucial appointment immediately.

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Cllr Dave Green Elected As New Bradford Labour Leader

Councillor Dave Green has been elected as the new Leader Of Bradford Labour Group, following the Annual General Meeting in Bradford.

He beat Cllr Michael Johnson (Tong) to lead the 45 strong Labour Group.

Dave has represented Wibsey Ward since 2004, and was re-elected last week , with a more than doubled majority.

He has over 20 years of experience on the Council, of which he has been the Council’s executive member in charge of regeneration for the past two years.

Dave said, “It was an honour to be selected to lead the group and I hope to be elected leader of the Council at the Authority’s annual meeting later this month”.

Cllr Imran Hussain remains Deputy Leader.

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Up To 50% Of NHS Beds In Bradford Could Be Turned Over To Private Patients

Labour today reveals the full extent of David Cameron’s ambitions to turn NHS hospitals into private businesses, pitting one against another in a competitive market.

In a move that will send shock waves around the NHS, the Government is seeking to amend its own Health Bill to allow NHS hospitals to devote up to 50% of their beds and theatre time to private patients, replacing Labour’s stringent private-patient cap.

The free-market plan will give patients and the public the clearest sign yet of how the character of England’s NHS will change if the Government’s Bill gets through Parliament in early 2012. It will open the door to an explosion of private work in NHS hospitals.

Labour believes that this plan – coupled with other measures in the Health Bill – will result in lengthening waiting lists for NHS patients. The Government’s relaxation of NHS waiting time targets means hospitals are free to devote more theatre time to private patients. And they will have a clear incentive to do so and maximise income, with the move to full financial independence and a “no bail-outs” culture where hospitals in financial trouble are allowed to go bust with no Government help.

It is a decisive move away from Labour’s planned NHS system where NHS patients were always the priority. The message sent out to hospitals and health service managers by the 50% cap is that private patients can be given equal priority.

Labour’s limit on private work allows private patients to be treated on the margins of NHS work, with income – typically capped at around 2% of turnover – reinvested to the benefit of the health service.

Andy Burnham MP, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, said:

“This surprise move, sneaked out just before Christmas, is the clearest sign yet of David Cameron’s determination to turn our precious NHS into a US-style commercial system, where hospitals are more interested in profits than people.
“With NHS hospitals able to devote half of their beds to private patients, people will begin to see how our hospitals will never be the same again if Cameron’s Health Bill gets through Parliament.
“This free-market NHS re-organisation opens the door to an explosion of private work in the NHS, meaning longer waits for NHS patients. It takes us straight back to the bad old days of the Tory NHS, when the only choice patients had was to wait longer or pay to go private.
“Andrew Lansley was forced to reveal this 50% figure in an attempt to calm nerves in the Lords about his Health Bill. But, in doing so, he has only succeeded in bringing home to the public the full implications of his dangerous and flawed plans. What other free-market plans has he got in mind that he’s not telling us about?
“Time is running out for the NHS but it’s not too late. If public and professions stand together, we can stop this Americanisation of the NHS. If people want to do one thing to help the NHS this Christmas, they should take just a moment to sign the ‘Drop the Bill’ e-petition.
“Our arrogant Prime Minister needs to be reminded that nobody voted for this re-organisation and that he doesn’t have a mandate to privatise England’s precious NHS.”

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Labour Win In Great Horton

Abdul Jabar has taken victory in the Great Horton By Election after three weeks of hard campaigning.

He becomes the first Asian Councillor in Bradford South, and joins Cllr Joanne Dodds and Cllr John Godward in the Ward.

The result :

Green 73, Conservative 705, Labour 1993, Lib Dem 337 and UKIP 294.

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